Batching Plants

Namtaş fully automatic batching plants are reliable and time-proven pieces of engineering being able to perform at their best in any conditions. They are designed specifically for the preparation of no-slump concrete mix (dry-mix concrete), which is required for the manufacturing of high-quality concrete products. Namtaş batching plants can be installed together with Namtaş concrete block machines or integrated into already functioning concrete block production plant.

Namtas concrete block making plants operate in full integration with the facilities used in the production of construction elements such as concrete pipe,interlock and blocks ... It can be fed completely automatically without the need of the operator and also helps in maintaining the continuity of all installations in the production cycle without interruption. The working cycle of the batching plant is fully synchronized with the work of the concrete block production machines.

Automation Control

  • Weight dosing
  • Volumetric Batchin
  • Additive control
  • Temperature control
  • Moisture Control
  • Creating and archiving main product recipes
  • Daily Production Control
  • Optimizing Production process
  • Data Archive

Plants are designed according to customer needs, plant settlement and concrete delivery system for different production capacities.