We are accountable to our customers for the facility they purchase from us and for the service we provide. Therefore, we guarantee life-long and reliable after-sales support to ensure maximum ease of use and maintenance after installation of production line.

  • We always stand by our customers throughout the machine or plant’s lifetime. Our partnership, which starts with the sale of Namtas machines turns into life-long cooperation.
  • Our machines can be easily connected to the industrial Ethernet network at the customer's facility, which makes it possible to get access to the production process from any computer.
  • We offer standard "VPN Remote Access" package, and our machines are being equipped with a remote control and service adapter. When there is an internet connection, this adapter allows us to monitor the production process anywhere in the world. In the case of malfunction at the plant, our experts from technical support department can connect to the machine and detect the cause of the error, troubleshoot software problems or update the system. In most of the cases, solutions for the malfunctions are detected by using this service, which is provided free of charge throughout the warranty period and after it expires.
  • If the malfunction cannot be solved by the remote connection, our specialists come to your facility as soon as possible and find them out, no matter where you are.
  • Namtas offers its customers free telephone support both during the warranty period and after the warranty.
  • Technical support is provided in Turkish, English, Russian, French, Arabic and German languages.
  • Daily and annual maintenance is recommended to maintain the long-term operation of the machine and plant you purchase. In addition, if you want to make modernization or need technical revision to your existing facility in order to re-establish original productivity and comply with constantly renewed technology and demands, our experienced engineers offer you revision options without high investment costs.

"Machine overhaul option for all plants"

Regardless of the manufacturer (for both Namtas and other machine manufacturers' facilities) we can carry out overhaul and modernization to existing concrete block production plant. Our Namtas brand products can be integrated to your plant, so that they would operate synchronized.

Please contact us if you want to extend life-time of your machine and upgrade it with the latest technologies.


We are accountable for supplying all the necessary spare parts for the life-time of the concrete block production plant.

Our logistics department is responsible for the fastest shipment of required parts from our spare parts warehouse which has a wide range of products.

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